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Post by Game's Master on Thu May 24, 2018 3:21 pm

Hi ! If you always want to create your cat, it's here ! There is a template.

[b]Cat name : [/b][i]here[/i]

[b]Tom / She-cat : [/b][i]here[/i]

[b]Age : [/b][i]here[/i]

[b]Clan : [/b][i]here[/i]

[b]Appareance : [/b][i]here in three sentences at least[/i]

[b]Personnality : [/b][i]here in four sentences at least[/i]

[b]Origins : [/b][i]here[/i]

[b]Other : [/b][i]here[/i]

  • You need to copy and paste this template in a new topic.

  • You answer to the questions when you see this :
    [i] here [/i]

  • You wait and someone will say if your cat is allowed. If there is a problem with your cat, this person will tell you.

  • You will have your color !

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